Pilates Classes

For more information or to book an appointment please call or text 07765118015.

Beginners Classes

To add your name to our current waiting list for new Pilates classes please Text Teresa or call 07765118015, send us a private message via facebook or email us on teresa@hastingsphysioandpilates.co.uk

We also have availability for private 1:1 classes with Teresa.

Reformer Pilates

The reformer offers all the famous benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things in turn lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances such back pain

Reformer Pilates classes are also available individually or smaller group sessions.

Why Pilates?

Transform your body, improve mobility, balance and general well-being with professional Pilates classes from Hastings & Associates.
Whatever age or level of fitness you are, Pilates classes will benefit you. Whether you’re looking to alleviate a long-standing back problem, improve your posture or increase strength post-natally, Pilates can help you.

Pilates differs from conventional exercise as it encompasses both mental and physical exercise, breathing and concentration. This will help to improve your focus and control over your body.

Pilates classes run throughout the day and evenings with places available through enrolment.

With specialist Pilates lessons you can:

  • Improve your posture

  • Increase your movement awareness

  • Improve your balance

  • Enjoy increased joint mobility

  • Alleviate chronic back pain

  • Enhance your concentration and focus

  • Get on your way to a flatter stomach

The end result: a balanced body which is longer, leaner, toned and both supple and strong.